"Clean water should come from clean process"
Central Saanich Councillor Sue Mason
Public Record : Senanus Water Issue
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The purpose of this website is to provide source documents for factual information pertaining to the Senanus water issue, in order to correct the volume of non-factual information distributed both directly and via the media by water main proponents.

New: MNNA letters to the CRD & ALC, Supporters of preserving rural land, and an Updated Fact Sheet

District of Central Saanich concedes in Court battle over water line

Location: Senanus Drive extends from the base to the tip of Henderson Point, in Central Saanich, off of West Saanich Road. Google map | CRD Natural Areas Atlas Map.

A more in depth explanation is here

The Residents and Ratepayers of Central Saanich Society wrote the District on January 5 2011 to call attention to the arborist report which states that many of the mature Garry oak, Arbutus, Fir, and Broadleaf maple trees on Mount Newton will die if the proposed Senanus water main moves ahead. Read more here.

District of Central Saanich concedes in Court battle over water line

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Realtor / Developer / Central Saanich Council member Ron Kubek's plan to install urban servicing in entire "Northwest Quadrant" of District:

C-BC-MRIF program has been in question before:

Audit sounds alarm over $900m in civic projects. By Stanley Tromp. The Vancouver Sun. July 27, 2006

Municipal Grants on Auditor General's Service Plan:
Due for an audit:

WEDC response to earlier audit

District to review documents at Committee meeting Monday May 25th, to award contract for project while the project is being contested in the Supreme Court.
District to fight MNNA in Supreme Court. On May 19th, the District of Central Saanich filed an appearance in the Supreme Court, notifying MNNA that they intend to contest the Judicial Review, at taxpayers expense. Neither re-petitioning nor proposed mediation would cost the District anything.
MNNA takes Central Saanich to Supreme Court.
Senanus Design contract award:

* Update: Senanus RFP:

* Update: Link to the Mount Newton Neighborhood Association Ad which the Peninsula News Review refused to run.
* Update: Watermain proponent & Developer Gordon Denford submits bid for waterline installation.

Bid does not mention need for environmental or archaeological monitoring, and that these will be additional costs.
* Update: Central Saanich District Council moves to put Bylaw on next agenda:

* Update:
District was required to submit a "succinct water conservation plan" "based on Unites States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Water Conservation Guidelines." This email documents the District "trying to get the scope reduced" but "not optimistic" that they would "get away with it"

* Update: Audio file - Committee meeting re: Engineering updateReport February 23, 2009
* Update: Engineering Cost update Report February 19, 2009
* Update:  Central Saanich is not currently following its water policy.

* Update: February 2, 2009:
Council plans to push through LSA Bylaws for the Senanus watermain, sparking speculation that Bylaws were already ready, prior to the Council resolution as suggested in an email between Central Saanich Director of Finance Rosalyn Tanner, and CSWVA President Frank Towler.

February 2nd, 2009 - Transcript and audio files of relevant material from Central Saanich meeting.

* Update: January 13, 2009: Central Saanich Council rejects mediation
MNNA Letter | MP3: council meeting

Central Saanich West Voters Association had earlier requested mediation, as is shown in the CS Minutes.

* Update:Provincial Information confirms report sent to province re: Central Saanich C-BC-MRIF Grant Application
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This website has been developed on behalf of the Mount Newton Neighborhood Association (MNNA). MNNA is comprised of catchment residents who did not sign the watermain petition, catchment residents who have rescinded their support for the petition, District citizens and groups concerned with preservation of rural lands, and groups in Central Saanich and Regionally concerned with social and environmental responsibility. We have asked the District of Central Saanich for independent third party provincial mediation for this issue, as earlier offered by the province. We feel this is the only unbiased method to resolve this acrimonious issue using an evidence-based approach to find solutions that consider best-practices environmentally friendly alternatives, take First Nations Interests into account, while ensuring economic equity.

The MNNA is supported by the Law Foundation of BC, and works in partnership through our lawyer, with the assistance of the Environmental Law Centre at UVic, and West Coast Environmental Law. The MNNA is actively working with its partners and water stewardship agencies, towards facilitating solutions to any legitimate problems on Senanus, through environmentally friendly, local, sustainable infrastructure that will solve problems while not facilitating development, destroying rural lands or the environment.

For more information or additional documentation, please contact the Mount Newton Neighborhood Association.